Acne can become a problem for all age groups. Acne scars the face and lowers self-esteem. People with acne are likely to be less social than others and try every product that comes along to try and solve the problem. The cause of acne begins when the pores of your skin become clogged with dead skin, oil and some bacteria. Hair follicles in the pores of your skin contain oil glands (called sebaceous) which push oil (sebum) out of a pore through the hair follicle and up to the skin, causing bacteria to form a pimple.

 Adult acne occurs when you may have developed a health problem or an over-production of hormones which can occur as your body changes with age. Adult acne requires a stronger treatment than when you were a teenager and picked up a product from the drugstore shelf.

Beginning at about the age of 20, the oxygen that gets to your skin begins to decrease in volume and wrinkles begin to form. It may be mostly unnoticeable for awhile, but eventually, you’ll begin to notice the changes as your skin becomes dryer and dull in appearance.

In addition, cleansing your skin at the end of the day is crucial. Don’t make the mistake of going to bed without taking the time get rid of all the grime that accumulates on your skin throughout the day. You may not see the harm in skipping out on cleansing your skin but if you don’t wash your face, you prolong the exposure that your skin has to free radicals that may have been picked up from air pollution.

 Left unchecked, free radicals have the potential to break down the collagen in your skin; which gives the skin a sallow and loose appearance. If you sleep in your makeup, you can also leave the skin unprotected against chemicals that may irritate the skin and hinder the natural process that your skin has of renewing itself while you sleep.

It’s also important to look at products. Some products contain concentrated ingredients that increase oxygen intake to the skin, cell rejuvenating, and boosts the skin’s collagen production. These products offer one of the best anti-aging acne skin care treatments with its serum that smooths the skin and prevents adult acne from taking place. They also contain products with bio-cellular oxygen facial firming treatment and rejuvenation cream lotion with antioxidants to give you a flawless and glowing skin.

 It works by supplying a super-charged amount of skin firming ingredients to ensure that your acne-prone skin type gets an increased level of oxygen and antioxidants to leave you looking youthful and rid your skin of the annoying and irritating red bumps.

Beauty portrait of young woman squeezing acne

 Not only will you have the advantage of a smoothing and firming serum, but you’ll also enjoy an innovative method of hydrating and re-energizing your skin. Collagen-enhancing ingredients go directly to the cells of the skin, hitting problems on a cellular level so you look your very best.

Your esthetician will probably choose products are completely paraben free and are   formulated by scientific experts that have your ultimate beauty in mind.