Being a small business owner has it many trials. While gaining new customers, you also have to decide the right products, services to offer, and at what times, along with many other decisions. You hope to make the right decisions while not spending so much money in the process.

However, there comes a time when marketing has to be revisited to make sure you’re getting the most out of your time and money.

Many small businesses market their business by using the wrong tactics. Time and money spent should be analyzed fully before considering what is in the budget and what will yield the best results.

Print ads, writing articles, and networking do well with marketing for new clients, however, what other marketing efforts can produce results?

Following are efforts that hurt marketing efforts:

1. Lack of written plans. Writing one will allow you to go back and see what has been accomplished and what will be done in the future.  Goals have a better chance of being accomplished when written.

2. Lack of a marketing plan. A plan will keep you focused and on budget. Focusing on a marketing plan will keep you looking at the bottom line.

3. Short term goals. Making decisions to stop marketing campaign when immediate results are not met and marketing inconsistently will hurt your efforts. It takes up to seven, and maybe more, touches to gain a client. Stopping too soon may but a bit presumptuous that could lead to lost clients.

However, consider ways to efforts to make the most of your marketing. Below are a few ways to get your marketing on track.




Seven Smart Marketing Tips

1. Write objectives. Writing goals is an effective way to visualize where you are and where you are headed.

2. Create a marketing plan. A marketing plan is essential to see where your time and money is going. In addition, it can be used a road map.

3. Remain focused on your goals. Set goals you wish to accomplish and stand by them. Adjust them when needed.

4. Keep up with marketing activities to determine what is and is not working.

5. Select many marketing efforts. Use a mixture to reach a larger reach

6. Know your environment. Base your prices, strategy, and strengths based upon variables that you have researched and analyzed. Knowing your researched points will help you create an effective plan.

7. Institute a budget that is well balanced and stick to your financial output so you will not overextend yourself. Spend enough to grow but not enough to go broke.

Create a plan to effectively market your business. It should state who you are and why they should buy from you.

These guidelines will help you create a successful business. A great starting point is the execution of a strong marketing plan.