Mini HydroDerm Beauty Extractor

✔ HANDHELD MICRODERMABRASION DEVICE – This rechargeable mini hydraderm machine comes equipped with 3 pore cleansing tips that gently exfoliate while they rejuvenate.

✔ HEALTHIER, YOUNGER-LOOKING SKIN – Our microdermabrasion technology gently unclogs pores and removes bacteria while promoting blood circulation for a more vibrant, youthful appearance.

✔ ADVANCED NEGATIVE PRESSURE TECHNOLOGY – This handheld device guarantees the user a vacuum loop of secure negative pressure for direct, but gentle suction on your face.

✔ COMPACT AND PORTABLE – Easy to use and perfect for travel, this small microdermabrasion device allows you to keep up with your beauty regimen wherever you are.

✔ BEAUTY ON THE GO – Our mini hydraderm facial machine charges in 3 hours and delivers 2 non-stop hours of pore cleansing performance.

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Holding back the years It rejuvenates while it cleanses, giving you more resilient, younger looking skin. This compact microdermabrasion device is the perfect weapon in the war against time and the increasing environmental hazards in the air. Our skin has never had to work harder to put up a defense against the pollution and ambient toxins our faces must face every day. It’s good to have an advanced technological solution on your side.

The science of beauty A pore cleansing, time fighting and skin rejuvenating wonder, this compact microdermabrasion device is like a spa in your purse. With the application of secure negative pressure, achieved through a vacuum loop this device efficiently and effectively unclogs pores and removes unwanted bacteria. It is also perfect to exfoliate the skin, removing dead cells and reveals new, vibrant skin beneath.

Ultra micro bubble water in the mini hydra facial tip ensures that there’s no irritation of the delicate skin on your face. This handheld device reduces blemishes and stimulates vascular activity near the surface of the skin. By improving blood circulation, the result is a more youthful, fresh-faced appearance.

Compact, convenient beauty regimen Our small microdermabrasion device is specifically designed to allow you to keep up with your beauty treatments wherever you may be. This diminutive, but mighty machine is equipped with 6 pore cleansing tips and performs its suction with a unique spiral operation probe. With three different modes of operation, this mini hydra facial unit charges in 3 hours and gives you 2 hours of age-defying performance.

Order your mini hydraderm microdermabrasion device today for an easy path to cleaner, blemish-free skin and a more vibrant looking you.


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