I thought about this topic since I have had to change my career. I was all set to go into the education field, but when the economy turned, I had to turn as well. My pace slowed down a bit and my career path went in another direction. This shift has been one of the best moves I have made.

For some, they think they have a fast paced life. They look forward to the weekend to unwind from the busy schedule of work, children, friendships, and other personal duties. However, few people outside of celebrities, politicians, and businessmen and women. Now don’t get me wrong, I believe you are a busy person, but fast paced life, not so much.

The daily ritual of getting up before the sun comes up, fighting traffic that’s never ending, working a mundane job, then doing the reverse when it’s time to go home is a routine. Television watching completes the evening when you fall asleep after eating dinner. This routine happens week after week and year after year.

Another word for this is simplification with a heavy dose of being mundane. The repetition may feel fast paced but it is a form of life over which the person has little control for much, or even all, the day. Due to the lack of control of the individual, there is a tendency to lose that spark over time and accept the circumstances as they are presented. That once confidence and self assuredness may easily turn to living life on autopilot. Laziness can and will set in to produce a mundane life.

Setting personal goals and objectives may be the last thing on the minds of those who have the previously described an existence. Deciding to do something different is a big step. If one can imagine doing something slightly different, it is a step toward achieving goals. No matter where a person is in life, goal setting can improve one’s likelihood of achievement for their lives, and that of their families.

Self awareness is an issue that needs to be addressed on many levels. I have had to make changes in my career. I was on track for a different career. However, since the economy changed, I had to switch gears. My self awareness got a jolt and I had to respond to its call. Before I was at the point of diminishing return, being on auto pilot existence was not an option. Important first step towards setting personal objectives and achieving them can therefore be increasing self awareness.

How to Increase Self Awareness

Taking steps to show self awareness starts with small steps. I made small choices by listening to self help CDs while driving to work, and reading books during my “down time” instead of watching so much television. Your aim should be to make self awareness a habit, a habit that will at least replace part of the non-thinking, autopilot part of your life. Our life is more than just a mindless cycle of duties.

How, though, can you increase self awareness? Here are just a few tips that can increase self awareness.

1. Silence Surroundings
Embrace a silence that is peaceful, calm, and beautiful. Silence is a significant step toward the road to self awareness.

2. Meditate
Meditation brings you into contact with your subconscious to allow you to focus on yourself and what you feel you may accomplish. This exercise is easy and may be done at short periods of time.

3. Travel Smart
Instead of talking, listening to music, or sleeping, you may use your daily commute meditate by deep breathing and clearing your mind. It will allow you to increase self awareness, and you may also feel more refreshed instead of sluggish or stressed.

4. Change is Good
You will never know how much you can accomplish unless you try something new. The mundane can take over your life and you may end up afraid to change your focus. Changing one aspect of your life can lead to other changes. It may also increase your awareness of yourself to explore your inner self for a better realization of what is to come.

5. Become More Inquisitive
My dad was one to tell me how inquisitive I was. I didn’t know what that meant at seven years old. Being on autopilot keeps you focused on the mundane without giving much thought to anything else. Shake things up by questioning what is going on around you. Become more inquisitive to allow more self aware, rather than just accept every part of your life as a given and unchangeable.

Self awareness is not such a bad goal to consider especially once you consider the outcome.