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We wax the entire body. Please call 951-275-2333 for pricing

Lip includes waxing of either the upper or lower lip. Each lip is a separate service

Eyebrows include waxing of both eyebrows that is best for your facial structure.

Chin includes complete waxing of the chin.

Full Face Package includes waxing of the entire face area. Includes cheek, chin, eyebrows, lip, and nose.

Cheeks includes waxing of both cheeks.

Bikini includes the area just beyond the bikini line so you can look smooth for those summer months.

Brazilian includes the entire bikini area plus the back area often referred to as the butt strip.

Waxing of either both top or both bottom arm sections.

Full arms include waxing of both arms from the shoulders down. Includes hands.

Waxing of either both top or both bottom leg sections.

Full legs include complete waxing of both legs. Includes toes.

Under arms includes waxing of both under arms.